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WITHOUT MASKS Afro Cuban Contemporary Art Show

Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Curated by Orlando Hernandez.

Fotografías cortesía de Elio Rodríguez

Johannesburg Art Gallery

Johannesburg Art Gallery

IT is the biggest gallery in the sub-continent, with a collection larger than that of the South African National Art Gallery in Cape Town. This is the Johannesburg Art Gallery, home to some of the most prized works not just in the country but also in the world.

"What sets us apart is the quality of our collection," says Rochelle Keene, chief curator of the gallery. "We have a trust fund which enables us to keep on collecting new works, further enhancing our already magnificent collection." Such is the size of the museum's collection that, Keene says, at any one time, only about 10% of the works are exhibited, with the rest being stored away. The museum has managed to procure these artefacts, thanks largely to a generous sponsorship from Anglo American and the City of Johannesburg.

The gallery was first established in 1910, operating from the premises of what is today's Wits University. The collection was subsequently moved to Joubert Park where it remains to this day. The building housing the museum was first designed by Edwin Lutyens, a renowned British architect, in 1911, but it was not until 1915 that construction on the site was completed under the supervision of Robert Howden, a South African architect. Side wings were added to the building some time in 1940. The building was further extended in 1986, when the north wing was upgraded and renovated.

Today, the gallery is a national monument housed in a three-storey building boasting 15 exhibition halls and some sculpture gardens on the grounds of Joubert Park. Its location in the park initially made the gallery easily accessible to the public. The park has over the past decade or so become more menacing than homely, attracting to its lawns, hordes of the unemployed and the mischievous, to whom artistic appreciation is an abstract, even alien concept. This environment has become less welcoming to some art lovers. However …

The entrance to the gallery ushers you into the Phillips Gallery, named after Florence Phillips, an art collector who established the first gallery collection using funds donated by her husband, Lionel Phillips, a mining magnate. The initial collection was put together by Sir Hugh Lane. The term avant-garde has been used, not without reason, to describe this original collection, which was exhibited in London in 1910, before being brought to South Africa. This foundation collection consists largely of 19th century and contemporary British and other European art.

The collection later expanded to include 17th century Dutch paintings and more contemporary South African and international arts. Some of the pre-eminent artists on the gallery's collection list are Pablo Picasso, Camille Pissarro, Claude Monet, and Edgar Degas.

The museum houses some of the most highly valued paintings, antiques, sculptures, drawings, prints and laceworks in the country. The comprehensive South African collection includes works by Gerard Sekoto, Alexis Preller, Maud Sumner, Sydney Kumalo, Ezrom Legae and others. In recent years, the gallery has made a concerted effort to procure art works by contemporary South African artists. Current works include traditional African pieces, such as jewellery items in the form of necklaces and bracelets made of beads. Works made of rock, wood, tyre, wire, cement, clay, ceramic and bronze and metal have over time been collected by the museum.

The gallery regularly hosts temporary displays of artefacts by particular artists or under some theme. Temporary displays take anything from a week to six months. Other works are put on permanent exhibitions lasting up to five years.

Visitors to the museum can buy crafts from the gallery shop. The Johannesburg Art Gallery is in Joubert Park, corner Klein and King George Streets. It can be contacted at (011) 725-3130.

algunos artistas participantes en la muestra de izquierda a derecha Elio Rodríguez, Douglas Pérez, José Bedia y Roberto Diago.

De izquierda a derecha Elio Rodríguez, Douglas Pérez, José Bedia, el artista sudafricano

Sidwell Rihlamvu y René Peña.

Listado de artistas que participan en la muestra

Juan Carlos Alom

Carlos Garaicoa

Pedro Alvarez

Armando Marino

Alexander Arrechea.

Ruperto Jay Matamoros

Douglas Perez astro

Manuel Mendive

Belkis Ayon

Ibrahim Miranda

Jose Bedia

Santiago Rdguez Olazabal

Marta MariaPerez Bravo

Rene Pena

Ricardo Rodriguez Brey

Julian Gonzales Perez

Yoan Capote

Maria Magadlena Campos Pons

Oswaldo Castillo

Elio Rdguez

Roberto Diago

Ruben Martinez Rdguez

Alexies Esquivel

Bernardo Sarria

Moises Finale

Jose Angel Vincent

Para más info en Read more: http://www.joburg.org.za/content/view/340/51/#ixzz0nL08nZDY

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  1. Antonio Gonzáles3 de junio de 2010, 5:29

    Lindo proyecto, que alegría ver a tanta gente buena junta. Gracias Tuyomasyo, como siempre eres faro de información. Un saludo para todos y felicidades por la exposición.

  2. Que buena tu blog y que buena onda la de tener a todos esos artistas juntos, pero me pregunto Mata, porque no hay nada tuyo ahí, me gusta mucho tu trabajo y creo debería estar en exposiciones como esa, máxime si abordan los temas que tu trabajas. La verdad no lo entiendo es injusto.
    Y así todo informas de la muestra lo cual la verdad te honra, no todo el mundo haría lo mismo. Un abrazo desde Madrid. Denys

  3. Hola Denys, dos cosas me gustaría aclarar para no estar en una tesitura incomoda. La primera es que Tuyomasyo no es mi blog, sino el blog de los canales de arte cubano y en cuanto a mi participación en esta muestra, bueno esas cosas no dependen de mi, pero tampoco tengo porque estar en esta muestra, los organizadores son libres de Elegir, como puedes ver tampoco esta Ana Mendieta, ni Elso Padilla y otros más. Pero ello no quiere decir nada, en estas cosas siempre hay gente que queda fuera y no creo sea por mal, si no más bien por la elección de los organizadores que libres son para ello. De todas formas te agradezco tus palabras y las de Antonio. Abrazos desde BCN